FibriCheck was initially designed as a smartphone app available on prescription from the physician. In this situation, all irregular measurements are followed up by the physician or the FibriCheck Follow-up Center and proactive communication if necessary.

However, we received a lot of requests from users to use FibriCheck (further on) without the intervention of a doctor. We think it is important to take into account the wishes of our users and work hard to make this possible from mid-2019 onwards.

In the meantime, we obviously do not want to disappoint anyone and that is why we offer the current app at the same price as when a doctor would prescribe FibriCheck:

  • Price 1 month FibriCheck: € 25 / month
  • Price 3 months FibriCheck: € 45 (i.e. € 15 / month)
  • Price 12 months FibriCheck: € 120 (i.e. € 10 / month)

Important! Your subscription will not automatically be renewed at the end of the respective period.

What can you expect for this price?

  • Perform unlimited number of measurements
  • Automatic analysis of your measurements through our advanced algorithms for the detection of cardiac arrhythmias. You will receive a first risk indication within 30 seconds (internet required).
  • Review of all irregular measurements by medical experts
  • Details of all your measurements available on
  • Possibility to set up reminders and notifications
  • Unlimited storage during your usage period

Follow these steps to purchase FibriCheck directly in the app.

Take control over your heart health and follow your heart rhythm with FibriCheck!

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