When you have performed a measurement, the algorithm will analyze the measurement and you will immediately receive a brief summary of the measurement. 

Based on the result of the measurement, the measurement is labeled as a green, orange or blue measurement.

  1. If your measurement is labeled as green, no irregularities were detected. This is an indication for a normal and regular heart rhythm.
  2. If your measurement is labeled as orange, potential rhythm disorders are detected. This measurement will be revised by a medical professional of the FibriCheck follow-up center. You do not have to panic yet, after the end of your period you will receive a final report with a conclusion. *
  3. If your measurement is labaled as blue, the quality of the measurement is insufficient. In this case, we recommend to perform a new measurement. Click here for tips to perform a good measurement.

* In case you think you need urgent assistance, please contact your doctor or the emergency department.

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