To access FibriCheck you need to enter an access code after the registration process. This can be done in 2 different ways:

  1. via a promo code
  2. via a QR code

Option 1: I have a promo code

Select 'Yes, a promo code' and enter the code. For example "ABCD1234"
After entering the promo code choose "Next".

Follow the instructional video about how to use the promo code:

Option 2: I have a QR code

Choose 'Yes, a QR code'. The screen will then change to a screen with a camera view with a square and scan the code.

Note: You need to scan your code within the FibriCheck app and do not require a QR reader app.

Point the camera at the QR code. The camera will automatically detect the QR code and the app will be activated.
Below is an instructional video about how to scan the QR code:


Choose a personal pincode. The next time the app will only ask for your personal pin code to log in.

You can get started with FibriCheck!


You still get an error message?It may be one of the following scenarios:

You have already scanned or used the code

Each code is unique and can therefore only be used once. Once your account is linked with the code, you will see an error message next time you try to scan the code.

You do not scan the code with the FibriCheck application

The QR code must be scanned within the FibriCheck application and does not require a separate QR reader or app.

If you have other problems, please contact us via the live chat on our website and keep your reference number at hand.

We are happy to help you!

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