How does a measurement of sufficient quality look like?

Some tips to performe a good measurement:

Tip 1: Sit down quietly

Sit quietly, rest your arms on a flat surface during the measurement, stay still and do not talk.

Tip 2: Remove your case

If you have a protective case around your smartphone please remove it, this may result in poor contact between the finger and the lens of the camera. If you remove your case, there will be better contact between your finger and the camera. This will lead to a better measurement.

Tip 3: Cover the lens of the camera, not the flash!

There is no need to place your finger on the flash. This can become hot in some cases. Do not apply too much pressure when you place your finger on the camera. Just a gentle touch is fine! If you press too hard, FibriCheck can not take any measurements.

What if you still have poor quality measurements?

  • Do you suffer from cold hands?
    People with colder hands have a less good blood circulation in their fingertips, making it for FibriCheck more difficult to register the small variations that occur in the fingertips. What helps in most cases is to warm up your hands (rub them together, put them in your pocket first, ...).
  • You have callus formation or a physical problem with your finger?
    You can use any finger to conduct a FibriCheck measurement. The app just needs a spot of skin where there is sufficient blood flow underneath. If using a different finger doesn't work, the ball of your thumb could serve as a possible alternative.
  • You have shaky hands?
    Shaking hands can lead to a problem where the FibriCheck measurement doesn't start. Usually we advise the user to place the hand on a table and position the smartphone on the finger as is illustrated in example 2.

In case these issues don't solve your problem, don't hesitate to contact us through the live chat on our website

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