Create a FibriCheck account in 5 simple steps:

STEP 1: Open the FibriCheck app and choose 'I am new'
(If you have used the app before, please select 'I have an account'.)

STEP 2: Activate your camera. This is required as FibriCheck is not able to register the heart rhythm without using the camera of your smartphone during a measurement.

STEP 3: Determine if you want to make additional links with FibriCheck. You can also use FibriCheck without giving permission to make the following links.

STEP 4: Complete your personal details.

TIP 1: The e-mail address and password entered will only be required when you log-out from the app.

TIP 2: Your summary report will also be sent to this email address.

STEP 5: Accept the terms of use and the privacy policy 

Your registration has been successfully completed!

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