FibriCheck is a medical device that accurately monitors the quality of the measured signal. When the app gives an insufficient signal quality result you are advised to perform a new measurement and keeping the following information in mind. In more than 90% of the cases these are the most common causes of insufficient signal quality:

1. The camera did not receive a proper signal from your fingertip

  • Remove the protective cover of your smartphone, sometimes this causes a poor contact between your finger and the camera lens. 
  • Adjust the pressure of your finger on the camera, you don't need to apply any pressure. Relax the finger. 
  • Use a different finger, or adjust the position of the finger on the camera

Click here for an instruction video with tips to perform a better measurement. 

2. You were moving during a measurement

Talking or moving during a measurement can cause noisy signals. We advise to take a seated, relaxed position where you breathe normally and don't move during a measurement. 

3. You have callus formation or a physical problem with your finger?

You can use any finger to conduct a FibriCheck measurement. The app just needs a spot of skin where there is sufficient blood flow underneath. If using a different finger doesn't work, the ball of your thumb could serve as a possible alternative. 

4. You have shaky hands?

Shaking hands can lead to a problem where the FibriCheck measurement doesn't start. Usually we advise the user to place the hand on a table and position the smartphone on the finger as is illustrated in example 2.

In case these issues don't solve your problem, don't hesitate to contact us through the live chat on our website

Keep in mind that this test result is not a diagnosis. It does not replace medical advice, please seek professional medical assistance if you are or believe you are suffering from any medical problem.

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