FibriCheck recorded a regular heart rhythm. This means there are no significant abnormalities observed. 

When you have a regular rhythm it is possible there are some minor variations in the heart rate, also known as heart rate variability or HRV. This is a natural cycle of the heart, where the heart rate varies together with the breathing pattern. This is commonly observed in younger people and people that actively performs sports. 

Additionally, a regular rhythm can also contain some “extra beats”, also known as extra systoles. Sometimes these extrasystoles are felt. These extra beats are in the majority of cases harmless. 

You can either wait for the report at the end of your monitoring period or consult the website for more information about your heart rhythm results.

Keep in mind that this test result is not a diagnosis. It does not replace medical advice, please seek professional medical assistance if you are or believe you are suffering from any medical problem.

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