FibriCheck identified possible irregularities in your heart rhythm. There is no reason for panic when receiving this message. 

These irregularities can have various causes such as:

  • a high heart rate
  • a low heart rate
  • sudden changes in your heart rate
  • frequent extra-beats
  • atrial fibrillation

Your measurement has been sent for revision to the FibriCheck monitoring center where a revision will take place to provide you with a detailed understanding of your results. After your monitoring period you will receive a detailed end-report where these analysis are summarized. This report will contain the necessary background information for a good understanding of these findings as well as the information about what steps to take next.

For more information you can follow-up on your results at

Keep in mind that this test result is not a diagnosis. It does not replace medical advice, please seek professional medical assistance if you are or believe you are suffering from any medical problem.

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